XS123 Vibratory Roller

Quick Specs



Op Weight

12-13 T


139 HP

Drum Width

2130 mm


Weekly repayments from only $441 (Padfoot Roller Only)!*


The XCMG XS123 vibratory road roller is a new generation of technology and maximised performance. XCMG makes full use of its international R&D platform to integrate global technology and produce completely independent roller designs.

As a result, the XS123 roller is uniquely powerful, rugged, energy efficient, safe and consistent – as well as being simple to maintain. With worldwide renown for its performance and value for money, the XS123 is the ideal solution for customers seeking a 12 tonne roller solution for any application or industry.

Equipped with a Tier 3 emission Cummins engine, premium hydraulic system and XCMG wet type drive axle, the entire roller offers significant advantages relating to reliability, efficiency, comfort and control.

Smooth and Padfoot drum variants available – see below for specifications.


Key Performance Specs

Model: XS123: XS123PD:
Engine: Cummins QSF3.8 Cummins QSF3.8
Engine Type: Electronic Water-Cooled Electronic Water-Cooled
Rated Power: 104 kW / 139 HP 104 kW / 139 HP
Rated Speed: 2200 RPM 2200 RPM
Operating Weight: 12000 kg (approx) 12850 kg (approx)
Front Axle Weight: 6700 kg 7550 kg
Rear Axle Weight: 5300 kg 5300 kg
Static Linear Load: 31.5 kg/cm 31.5 kg/cm
Operating Speeds: 5.5 / 11.2 km/h 5.5 / 11.2 km/h
Theoretical Gradeability: 45 % 45 %
Min Turn Radius (int/ext): 4500 / 6800 mm 4500 / 6800 mm
Ground Clearance: 393 mm 443 mm
Wheel Base: 3010 mm 3010 mm
Braking Distance: 3.9 m 3.9 m

Additional Specs

Model: XS123: XS123PD:
Padfoot Roller: No Yes
Vibration Frequency: 30/35 Hz 30/35 Hz
Nominal Amplitute: 1.8/0.9 mm 1.6/0.8 mm
Exciting Force (High/Low): 95 kN 95 kN
Drum Diameter: 1523 mm 1523 mm
Drum Width: 2130 mm 2130 mm
Charge Pressure of Drive System: 2.4 MPa 2.4 MPa
Relief Pressure of Drive System: 35 MPa 35 MPa
Relief Pressure of Vibration System: 30 MPa 30 MPa
Relief Pressure of Steering System: 16 MPa 16 MPa
Tyre Spec: 23.1-26-12D23TL 23.1-26-12D23TL
Ply Rating: 12 12
Air Pressure: 200 170
Steering Angle: +-30 Degrees +-30 Degrees
Oscillation Angle: +-10 Degrees +-10 Degrees




  • Cummins QSF3.8 water-cooled turbocharged engine with high power reserve, low fuel consumption and low noise emission.
  • Proportional ASC closed loop hydraulic drive system composed of variable displacement pump and constant motor – ensures better drive performance and gradeability.
  • Medium wet type axle with anti-slip differential provides automatic torque allocation and max traction to suit the road condition.
  • Variable displacement piston pump and constant displacement hydraulic motor result in dual vibrating frequency and amplitude for excellent compaction.
  • Inner-cylinder drum chamber is simple and robust for excellent performance, long lifetime and high reliability.
  • Ergonomic cabin with air conditioning, CANBUS joystick controls, control box integrated colour display, suspension seat and much more, for easy operation in maximum comfort.
  • Engine hood tilts forward largely and easily for better access to the maintenance parts.




  • XCMG-XS123-12tonne-Roller-Compaction-2-Perth-Newcastle-Brisbane-SunshineCoast
  • XCMG-XS123-12tonne-Roller-Compaction-7-Perth-Newcastle-Brisbane-SunshineCoast
  • XCMG-XS123-12tonne-Roller-Compaction-3-Perth-Newcastle-Brisbane-SunshineCoast
  • XCMG-XS123-12tonne-Roller-Compaction-6-Perth-Newcastle-Brisbane-SunshineCoast
  • XCMG-XS123-12tonne-Roller-Compaction-5-Perth-Newcastle-Brisbane-SunshineCoast
  • XCMG-XS123-12tonne-Roller-Compaction-4-Perth-Newcastle-Brisbane-SunshineCoast
  • XCMG-XS123-12tonne-Roller-Compaction-1-Perth-Newcastle-Brisbane-SunshineCoast
  • XCMG-XS123-Padfoot
  • XCMG-SS---XS123PD-Roller-Padfoot-Perth-Newcastle-Brisbane-SunshineCoast


* Finance Offer Terms & Conditions: Weekly payments shown are rounded up to the nearest dollar and excludes financier documentation fees. Payments are made monthly in advance based on a chattel mortgage over a 60 month term with a 30% balloon and no deposit. Weekly payments calculated by multiplying monthly payment by 12, then dividing by 52 weeks. Amount financed equal to RRP inc GST. Balloon payment is payable at the end of the mortgage term. Finance offer facilitated by MKP Finance Pty Ltd ABN 56 611 706 784 or related bodies corporate (MKP), to approved Australian business applicants only (must be registered for GST). Terms and conditions apply. MKP reserves the right to change, extend or withdraw an offer at any time. Offer valid until 31 May 2024 or while stocks last. Any change in interest rates, unit price or government fees, charges or taxes prior to delivery date may apply.

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