Customer Testimonials

Some of XCMG Sales & Service's many valued customers.

XCMG Sales & Service keeps your needs at the forefront of everything we do. We are a tight-knit community of professionals who do all that we can to make your machine more productive and more profitable.

Many of our loyal and satisfied customers tell us it’s different doing business with XCMG Sales & Service – because we work hard to understand our customers’ needs, and provide real value to each and every one of you.

We deliver great value, high quality and notably reliable equipment and associated services, and we take pride in providing a high level of service. See the below feedback from some of XCMG Sales & Service’s many happy customers.

K.L. & M.C. Wheeler

Today we have Wayne from K.L. & M.C. Wheeler in the Hunter region of NSW taking delivery of his new XCMG XE27U Mini Excavator.

The XE27U is ideal for Wheeler’s wide range of construction, site clearing and landscaping projects, thanks to its powerful yet compact zero tailswing design.

Thanks Wayne and the crew at Wheeler for choosing XCMG!

Wayne Wheeler XE27U

Beveridge Built Homes

Here we have Torrie from Beveridge Built Homes in the Hunter region of NSW taking delivery of his brand new XCMG XE35U.

Torrie will be using his versatile XE35U for trenching, site clean ups and general prep ready for new home builds.

Thanks Torrie for choosing XCMG!

Torrie Beveridge Built Homes Newcastle XE35U Mini Excavator

AR Agencies

Pictured here we have Joe from AR Agencies taking delivery of his new XCMG XE35U Mini Excavator earlier today.

Joe is loving his new machine and can’t wait to get stuck in.

Thanks Joe and AR Agencies for choosing XCMG!

Joe AR Agencies XE35U Mini Excavator Newcastle

C&S Mining Services

Pictured here we have Corey from C&S Mining Services in Western Australia taking delivery of his brand new XCMG XE215D Excavator!

With a powerful Cummins engine and premium quality Kawasaki hydraulic componentry, the XE215D delivers impressive and reliable performance.

The XE215D excavator is perfectly designed and manufactured for a wide range of worksites: excavation, mining, loading, leveling, trenching, crushing, drilling, clamping, lifting, and much more. This makes it ideal for C&S Mining Services’ many and varied projects on medium and large scale sites.

With exceptional structural components, powerful hydraulic capability and overall premium quality, the XCMG XE215D excavator is the ideal machine solution for any and every operator seeking a value-for-money machine in the 20-25 tonne size class.

Thanks Corey and C&S for choosing XCMG!

Corey C&S Mining Services XE215D XCMG Excavator


Pictured here is Adam from Summitline in Lake Macquarie NSW picking up his XE17U Mini Excavator.

Adam also added a Bonanza Trailer to his machine + buckets package, to give him the ultimate driveaway setup!

Thanks Adam for choosing XCMG!

Adam Summitline XE17U Mini Excavator Newcastle Lake Macquarie

Coastwide Contracting

Today we have Paul from Coastwide Contracting in the Hunter region of NSW taking delivery of his brand new XCMG XE27U Mini Excavator.

In addition to taking a bucket kit with his machine, Paul also included a rotating 5 finger grapple, auger drive and 300 bit to maximise the versatility of his XE27U.

What a combo, we can’t wait to see what Paul can do with his new setup!

Thanks Paul for choosing XCMG!

Paul Coastwide Contracting XE27U

Matt Pearson Electrical

Here we have Matt from Matt Pearson Electrical taking delivery of his brand new XCMG XE27U Mini Excavator!

The XE27U is uniquely compact yet powerful and perfect for Matt’s wide variety of electrical projects throughout the Hunter Valley of NSW.

Thanks Matt for choosing XCMG!

Matt Pearson Electrical XCMG XE27U Mini Excavator Newcastle

Will Contracting

Today we have Nathan from Will Contracting in Perth taking delivery of his brand new XCMG XE17U Mini Excavator.

Nathan will be using his new machine on a road works project currently underway, as well as dry hire.

Cheers Nathan for choosing XCMG!

Nathan Will Contracting XE17U XCMG Perth

L.E.C. Earthmoving

Here’s Paul from L.E.C Earthmoving in the Hunter Valley of NSW taking delivery of his brand new XCMG XE35U Mini Excavator.

Paul does all sorts of jobs with his machine – landscaping, trenching, pools, site prep and clearing, just to name a few – so he opted for a bucket kit of 300, 450, 600, 1200 mud and 1200 tilting mud, plus a ripper, to cover his many projects.

Thanks Paul for choosing XCMG!

Paul LEC Earthmoving XE35U Mini Excavator


Today we have Andy from Nabiac taking delivery of his brand new XCMG XE35U Mini Excavator, for use on his impressive 45 acre property.

In addition to his machine, Andy picked up an epic attachments package including a bucket kit (300 + 450 + 600 + 1200 mud + 1200 tilting mud), ripper tyne, 5 finger hydraulic grapple, and auger drive with 150, 300, 450 and 600 bits. What a brilliant setup Andy now has!

Thanks Andy for choosing XCMG!

Andy XE35U Mini Excavator XCMG


Here are the fellas (the master and the apprentice) from Northern Valleys Electrical taking delivery of their new XCMG XE17U Mini Excavator!

Northern Valleys Electrical specialise in electrical and trenching work, including wet machine hire with an operator. The XE17U is perfect for trenching jobs on tight access sites thanks to its zero tailswing, narrow width and easy operation.

Our sincere thanks to Northern Valleys Electrical for choosing XCMG!

Northern Valleys Electrical


Today we have Andrew, owner of Earth Landscapes on the Central Coast of NSW, taking delivery of his brand new XCMG XE17U Mini Excavator.

The XE17U and its zero tailswing operation will be ideal for Andrew’s tight access landscaping works, and the bucket kit – including 300mm, 450mm and 900mm buckets – gives Andrew options to suit any excavation task.

We can’t wait to see the absolute masterpieces Andrew creates for his customers throughout the Central Coast region using his new XE17U!

Thanks Andrew for choosing XCMG!

Andrew Earth Landscapes XE17U Central Coast NSW


Darryl from Dubbo has just taken delivery of his brand new XCMG XE17U Mini Excavator – complete with a bucket kit, ripper and auger – for use around his awesome property.

Thanks very much Darryl for choosing XCMG!

Darryl Dubbo XE17U Mini Excavator XCMG


It’s a very happy Monday for Ian in Gunnedah, who just took delivery of his new XCMG XE17U Mini Excavator this morning.

Ian will be putting his new digger and its bucket kit and auger package to work on his property.

Thanks Ian for choosing XCMG, we hope the new XE17U serves you and your family well!

Ian Gunnedah XE17U Mini Excavator


Today we have Mark from Stan Davies Excavations in Newcastle taking delivery of their new XCMG XE35U Mini Excavator.

Stan and Mark are ready to get to work in their new XCMG on a project with Lake Macquarie City Council.

The XE35U is ideal for Stan and his crew’s residential, industrial and roadworks projects alike thanks to its versatility and exceptional hydraulic performance.

Thanks Stan and Mark for choosing XCMG!

Stan Davies Excavations XE35U

Impact Building

Here we have Danny from Impact Building in Newcastle taking delivery of his new XCMG XE17U Mini Excavator.

And what a package Danny chose – machine plus 3 buckets, hammer, 5 finger hydraulic grapple and Bonanza Trailers plant trailer!

This will be ideal for Impact Building’s wide range of top quality industrial and residential construction works throughout NSW.

Thanks to Danny and the crew at Impact for choosing XCMG!

Cando Property & Landscape

Here we have Scott and Maree Field of Cando Property & Landscape in the Hunter Valley of NSW taking delivery of their new XCMG XE17U Mini Excavator and bucket kit!

Cando are experts in all kinds of landscape and site cleaning works, delivering top quality service to the Hunter region.

Thanks Scott and Maree for choosing XCMG!

Cando Property XE17U

Hunter Install

Here is Troy from Hunter Install taking delivery with his new XCMG XE35U Mini Excavator and bucket kit!

Troy chose the XE35U for use on his property, loving the comfortable A/C cab, smooth hydraulics and excellent after-sales support.

Thanks Troy for choosing XCMG!

Hunter Install XE35U


Pictured here are truck driver extraordinaire Dwayne (hi-vis), gun mechanic Sean (black t-shirt) and boss Craig from Stabilcorp in Wauchope, taking delivery of their new XS123PD padfoot roller this week.

Their new roller is already loaded on their float set to go straight to work in the Lismore region.

Thanks to the Stabilcorp crew for choosing XCMG!


Workman Industries

Here we have Ian from Workman Industries in Newcastle picking up his brand new XCMG XE35U Mini Excavator!

With a powerful 24.4HP Yanmar engine, premium quality 108LPM hydraulic componentry, zero tailswing and a comfortable and ergonomic air conditioned cab, the XE35U is a genuine marvel of a machine.

Thanks Ian and the Workman crew for choosing XCMG!

Ian Mills Workman Industries


Pictured here is Quitleak’s brand new XE17U Mini Excavator loaded up and ready to roll out of our Perth branch.

Quitleak specialise in a wide variety of drainage projects, currently contracting on public works.

Thanks to the Quitleak crew for choosing XCMG!

Quitleak XE17U

Alli Builders

Here’s Peter from Alli Builders in Perth picking up his new XCMG XE17U Mini Excavator!

Alli Builders work throughout the Perth region as experts on new home builds, renovations and extensions.

Thanks Peter for choosing XCMG!

Alli Builders XCMG XE17U

Hunter Valley Paintball

Tim from Hunter Valley Paintball in NSW reviews his XCMG XE55U Mini Excavator and displays its exceptional versatility working on HVP’s nationally-renowned paintball facility.

Kubota engine, Rexroth pump, 158 LPM of flow, 41.8 horsepower…and so much more. The XE55U is loaded with great features hard to find in any other machine!

Hay Enterprises

XCMG XC958 Wheel Loader – the ultimate in performance, reliability and durability.

Watch it in action with Hay Enterprises at a sandpit just north of Newcastle, NSW.

Snedhunt Developments

Here we have Courtney from Snedhunt Developments in New South Wales taking delivery of his new XCMG XE35U Mini Excavator!
Courtney opted for a versatile 4 piece bucket kit to go with his new digger: 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 1200mm mud.

The XE35U will be ideal for Courtney’s wide range of residential works, with its zero tailswing and 360 degree slew design. The large, ergonomic and climate controlled cabin will also keep Courtney comfortable on even the longest Summer work days!

Thanks Courtney for choosing XCMG!

Snedhunt Developments XCMG XE35U

Godfrey Landscapes

Matt from Godfrey Landscapes picked up his brand new XCMG XE17U 1.7 Tonne Mini Excavator yesterday!

Along with his machine, Matt packaged up a 3 bucket kit plus a 2.8 Tonne Plant Trailer from local supplier Bonanza Trailers.

The XE17U will be an ideal machine for Matt’s landscaping work, with its narrow 990-1240mm width for tight access, 15.8 horsepower for impressive performance, and reliable Kubota D902 engine – plus, the 64 LPM system flow rate delivers easy digging and smooth control.

Thanks Matt for choosing XCMG!

Godfrey Landscapes XCMG XE17U