XE235UCR Excavator

Quick Specs

Overall Width

2990 mm

Flow Range

2 x 240 LPM

Op Weight

27100 kg


Cummins QSB7

With a powerful Cummins engine and premium quality componentry throughout, the XE235UCR 27 tonne excavator delivers impressive, reliable performance.

The XE235UCR excavator is perfectly designed and manufactured for a wide range of worksites: excavation, mining, loading, leveling, trenching, crushing, drilling, clamping, lifting, etc.

With exceptional structural components, powerful hydraulic capability and overall premium quality, the XCMG XE235UCR excavator is the ideal machine solution for any and every operator seeking a value-for-money machine in the 25-30 tonne size class.

  • XE235UCR Excavator Newcastle, Brisbane
  • XE235UCR Excavator-Newcastle-Brisbane -2
  • XE235UCR Excavator Newcastle, Brisbane
  • XE235UCR Excavator-Newcastle-Brisbane -5
  • XE235UCR Excavator-Newcastle-Brisbane -6
  • XE235UCR Excavator, Newcastle,, Brisbane -7


Key Performance Specs

Operating Weight: 27100 kg
Engine: Cummins QSB7
Power: 135kW / 181HP
Max Torque: 740 Nm
Max Speed: 5.3km/h
Hydraulic Flow: 2×204.5 LPM
Dig Depth & Reach: 6646 / 9778 mm
Bucket / Arm Digging Force: 139.5 / 116.2 kN
Overall Width: 2990 mm
Swing Speed: 10.6 RPM
Dipper Length: 2910 mm
Boom Length: 5680 mm
Track Width: 600 mm
Track Type: Steel

Key Performance Specs

Main Pump Type: Kawasaki
Cab: ROPS & OPG Air Con
Emergency Stop: Included
Buckets: Enquire
Radio: AM/FM + USB + Bluetooth
Walking Motor: Doosan
Seat: Air Suspension
Reverse Camera: Yes (2)
PTO Pump: Yes
Piping: Hammer + Bi-Direction + Multi Attachment Control
Pressure Flow Monitor: Adjustable
Anti-Drop Valves: On Boom and Arm Cylinders
Hitch: Hydraulic Double Lock
Blade: Included


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