XS205S / XS205PD Vibratory Roller

Quick Specs



Op Weight

20-21 T


190 HP

Drum Width

2130 mm

The XCMG XS205 vibratory road roller is a new generation of technology and maximised performance. XCMG makes full use of its international R&D platform to integrate global technology and produce completely independent roller designs.

As a result, the XS205 roller is uniquely powerful, rugged, energy efficient, safe and consistent – as well as being simple to maintain. With worldwide renown for its performance and value for money, the XS205 is the ideal solution for customers seeking a 20 tonne roller solution for any application or industry.

Equipped with a Tier 3 emission Cummins engine, premium hydraulic system, spacious and comfortable cabin, and a wide angle of visibility, the entire roller offers significant advantages relating to reliability, efficiency, comfort and control.

Smooth and Padfoot drum variants available – see below for specifications.

  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-SmoothDrum-1
  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-Cabin-1
  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-SmoothDrum-2
  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-SmoothDrum-3
  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-SmoothDrum-4
  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-Padfoot-1


Key Performance Specs

Model: XS205S: XS205PD:
Engine: Cummins QSB5.9-C190 Cummins QSB5.9-C190
Engine Type: Electronic Water-Cooled Electronic Water-Cooled
Rated Power: 142 kW / 190 HP 142 kW / 190 HP
Rated Speed: 2200 RPM 2200 RPM
Operating Weight: 20000 kg (approx) 21600 kg (approx)
Front Axle Weight: 13500 kg 15100 kg
Rear Axle Weight: 6500 kg 6500 kg
Static Linear Load: 621 N/cm
Operating Speeds: 0-4; 0-5.9; 0-10.6 km/h 0-4.3; 0-6.1; 0-6.3; 0-11.3 km/h
Theoretical Gradeability: 50 % 50 %
Min Turn Radius (int/ext): 4770 / 6900 mm 4770 / 6900 mm
Ground Clearance: 490 mm 490 mm
Wheel Base: 3430 mm 3430 mm
Braking Distance: 3.9 m 4.1 m

Additional Specs

Model: XS205S: XS205PD:
Roller: Smooth Padfoot
Vibration Frequency: 28/33 Hz 28/33 Hz
Nominal Amplitute: 1.90/0.95 mm 1.55/0.78 mm
Exciting Force (High/Low): 385/270 kN 385/270 kN
Drum Diameter: 1600 mm 1812 mm
Drum Width: 2130 mm 2130 mm
Charge Pressure of Drive System: 2.4 MPa 2.4 MPa
Relief Pressure of Drive System: 38 MPa 38 MPa
Relief Pressure of Vibration System: 33 MPa 33 MPa
Relief Pressure of Steering System: 14 MPa 14 MPa
Tyre Spec: 23.1-26-12PR 23.1-26-12PR
Ply Rating: 12 12
Air Pressure: 150-170 150-170
Steering Angle: +-33 Degrees +-33 Degrees
Oscillation Angle: +-10 Degrees +-10 Degrees




  • Renowned Cummins QSB5.9-C190 190 HP watercooled turbocharged engine with high power reserve, low fuel consumption and low noise emission.
  • The XS205 vibratory drum roller is available as either Smooth drum or Padfoot drum variants, offering you options to best suit your requirements.
  • Closed loop hydraulic system supplied by a variable pump and quantitative motor, by using dual frequency and amplitude and matching of static linear load.
  • The cabin uses 3D shock absorbing technology and optimal arrangement of vibrating drum shock absorber to guarantee an excellent shock absorbing effect.
  • Intelligently designed windows and a high operator seat position ensure the work area around the drum is clearly visible during operation.







  • Inner-cylinder drum chamber is simple and robust for excellent performance, long lifetime and exceptionally high reliability.
  • The machine hood adopts the linear drive support opening mode and large opening angle enables better accessibility of all parts.
  • Product experts at your local dealer provide exceptional support throughout your machine’s lifetime: operation, maintenance and service from the delivery date through to its last day on the job.
  • XCMG is the World’s 3rd largest construction machinery manufacturer, with branches dealers and service agents throughout Australia.


  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-SmoothDrum-1
  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-Cabin-1
  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-SmoothDrum-2
  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-SmoothDrum-3
  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-SmoothDrum-4
  • XCMG-XS205S-Roller-20T-Padfoot-1


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